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An organized mind:
Organizing your life can begin with organizing your thoughts.  Life changes such as school, career, and family can be overwhelming.  A coach can help you work through these challenges and organize them into a manageable perspective.  Through guided sessions, of sorting through your thoughts, you will receive a customized plan for achieving your particular goals.   Along your self-improvement project, you will receive encouragement and support to continue along your plan.   

Finding the time for personal or business coaching can be an invaluable investment in yourself.  To provide the best focus and clarity of your concerns, we conduct coaching on an individual one-on-one basis.  Sessions can range from 1-3 hours in length and can be conducted by phone, Skype, or in-person with email follow-up discussions on your progress.  In the initial session, we will discuss your goals and identify your resources and obstacles in achieving your best.  The following sessions will be used to build a customized plan based on your abilities, personality-type and time to achieve your goals.  We provide support along your journey to success and will be there to help with any concerns.  And because we are always striving to improve, we would like to provide you with a blueprint of how to maintain the goals you have achieved.   

Our coaching services are:

  • Career Coaching‚Äč
  • Small Business Strategizing
  • Planning Tools and Techniques
  • Time Management & Prioritizing
  • Stress Management Options
  • Decision-Making Processes
  • Creating a Life & Career Balance


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Coaching Services

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